Mt. Olive, being a small congregation, allows its parishioners to develop a close relationship
with one another.  We truly believe this is important to God and what He would have us do.  
Mt. Olive offers a place to worship and fellowship and proclaim the Love of Jesus Christ.  Mt.
Olive's doors are always open to welcome our neighbors.  We offer a place to receive and
share the Lord's word.  A place of prayer, praise, and purpose.  Whatever you may be
seeking, Mt. Olive just may be the sanctuary for you.
Go forth in faith
Overpower your fears with the strength of the Lord
Seek out the Lord for all your needs
Praise His name in all you do
Embrace the Lord with all your might
Love the Lord with all your heart
Pastor Timothy Sutton and Family
Sunday School - 10:00 AM
Devotional Service - 11:15 AM
Worship Service - 11:30 AM

Bible Study - 7:00 PM
Holy Communion Services -
1st Sunday of each Month

Baptisms and Installations of New Members
as needed.
Service Times
To empower all who enter through Mt. Olive's doors to develop a closer relationship with the
Lord. To help all who strive to achieve harmony with God.  To spiritually lift those who may be
~Mount Olive Baptist Church~
Highway 29 South
Anderson, SC  29625
Following Ministries may be reached at:
(864) 225-5130
Pastor Sutton
Men's-Women's Ministries
Planning Committee

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